Therapy Dog Prep
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Good therapy dogs need to be the kind of dogs who ADORE people, all people, and want nothing more than to connect with them. They need to tolerate other animals and not get overly excited when around them. They cannot be barky. A dog that is physically calm and psychologically sound and non-reactive is the perfect temperament for pet assisted therapy work. According to most experts, these dogs are born and not made. Dogs should be emotionally mature and able to handle frustration, excitement and unusual circumstances with a calm, measured demeanor. They must, of course, be clean and healthy as well.

Who should come? Dogs must be at least one year of age and have some basic training including sit, lie down, come, wait, leave it and be able to walk on a loose leash. They should be friendly toward humans and other dogs and enjoy being handled but have good impulse control.

What will we learn? We will focus on teaching and enhancing the dogs' skills while helping handlers produce the best possible experience in a variety of settings. On the final week, the instructor will provide the handler portion of the registration test. There will still be a need for teams to undergo multiple observed facility visits to qualify for registration.

How long is each class? 60 minutes.

How long does a session last? 4 Weeks.

What does it cost? $120.00

When do classes start?

December 6th

Instructor: Janice Campbell (AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Therapy Dog Prep Instructor, Alliance of Therapy Dog Tester/Observer and a Co-Founder of the Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response Team)

For more information or to enroll in a class, call (856) 767-6464.