Show Handling

Who should come? Beginner-level show handling class is for novice handlers who need to learn the ins and outs of entering, preparing for and showing their dogs. Advanced class is suitable for experienced handlers who need ring practice and would like instruction from a professional on how to exhibit their dogs to their best advantage. They may be working any level dog from novice through champion.

What will we learn? Are you new to the world of showing your dog in conformation? If so, our beginner handling class is perfect for you! Focus will be on building ring skills and confidence in both handlers and their dogs. Handling teams will learn ring procedure, including gaiting patterns, show stacking and/or table work using a fun, positive approach. Novice dogs will learn to be comfortable in a variety of social situations, with new sights, sounds and sensations they are likely to encounter while showing. The beginner class will also address how a dog show "works," making entries, and making the best presentation for both handler and dog.

Two levels of show handling classes are offered: beginner and advanced. The beginner level class is for people who have little or no ring experience. Advanced is for people who have shown before or completed our beginner class. At the advanced level, experienced handlers will take instruction from a professional and be able to practice showing their dogs to their best advantage. Novice dogs with experienced handlers may join the advanced level class. Drop-ins are allowed only at the advanced level. to win in the ring!

How long does a session last? 6 weeks

What does it cost? $ 125.00

When do classes start?

Beginners Not currently available
Advanced Not currently available

Class size is limited to 10 dogs. Drop-ins ($25) are welcome in the Advanced class only when space is available.

Instructor:(**Note Carole is currently not teaching this class due to the Covid-19 pandemic) Carole Richards co-author of "Raising A Champion - A Beginner's Guide to Showing Dogs." Browse Carole's website:


For more information or to enroll in a class, call (856) 767-6464.