Rally Obedience

Rally ObedienceWho should come? Rally obedience is a fun class for owners who want to title their dogs, enhance their skills for future Competition Obedience, or improve their dogs' ability to focus and comply in a distracting environment. It is also a great class for owners who just want to continue working with their dogs in a relaxed, enjoyable and social set-up.

What will we learn? Rally combines basic obedience skills with advanced exercises, cone work, and jumps. Whether the goal is competition or fun, handlers learn to develop teamwork with their dogs while negotiating a variety of rally course sequences.

How long does a session last? Each Rally session is 6 weeks long. Weekly classes last one hour.

What does it cost? $175.00

When do classes start?

Mixed Level January 25th
Mixed Level January 25th
5:30 pm

Instructor(s): Judith Azaren / Rhona Magni
For more information or to enroll in a class, call
(856) 767-6464.