Private Classes

Why Private Training? While WonderDogs specializes in small group classes, we recognize that they are not the perfect answer for everyone. Variable work schedules, physical disabilities, inability to drive and dogs that are not yet comfortable in public may make group classes inappropriate.

In order to continue our efforts to provide the most intelligent, scientifically proven and gentle training available, WonderDogs can also refer you to one of our most talented instructors who provides in home training. During your in home visit, you can work on the issues that specifically concern you and your family. While private instruction is more costly than group classes, clients get the instructor's full attention, the convenience of having the instructor come to them and the comfort of working in their own environment

What are the benefits ? At your private visit, your instructor can address behavior problems, obedience training, puppy raising and relationship building plus any specific issues that concern you.

How long does a session last? Sessions vary in length depending on the problem(s) being addressed but generally last at least one hour.

What does it cost? Please call Renee Premaza directly for information on pricing and availability: Phone:609-280-9338 Email:

Instructor: Renee Premaza

Sorry, we no longer treat serious aggression cases but we can refer you to trainers who will.