Our Instructors


Marci's career in dogs began after attending a seminar at the University of Guelph in Canada on "How Dogs Learn" in 1992. She began her professional career at WonderDogs shortly after the school opened and has been the store manager for many years.

During the past few years, Marci has developed an intense interest in the sport of racing, which began with a friend's Pharaoh Hounds and has since done lure coursing, straight and oval racing with the Pharaohs and her own Whippet, Dave.

After years of assisting in classes, Marci has become a true expert in dog behavior and training and is now instructing classes of her own. She is also available for in-home private lessons on a limited basis.

Her own personal menagerie includes a Chihuahua, Olivia;Italian Greyhound, Macho, Pharaoh Hound, Tulip and Whippet, Dave.