Who should come? Dog-friendly and people-friendly dogs that are in great physical condition and have a passion for playing with their people. Basic obedience training, especially a solid recall, will help.

What will we learn? The sport of flyball which includes recalls, body awareness, jumping, retrieving, and working with distractions, including other dogs. click here to go to the North American Flyball Association web site.

How long does a session last? Sessions are 6 weeks long for approximately 1 hour per week.

What does it cost? $175.00 per session

What should we bring to class? One or two of your dog’s favorite toys, and plenty of extra-special treats cut or broken into small pieces. Your dog should be wearing a flat, rolled or martingale collar made of leather or fabric, or a non-restrictive harness (no-pull harnesses are not suitable for running over jumps). Any equipment with chain will be removed at the start of class. For everyone’s safety, bring your dog on a 4’ or 6’ nylon or leather leash (no retractable leashes, please).

When do classes start?

Beginner February 13th
9:00 AM
Advanced February 13th
10:00 AM

Instructor(s): Kathy Nieves

For more information or to enroll in a class, call (856) 767-6464.

Happily Evfur After Flyball Club with our WonderDogs students.
The line-up is: Kodi (yellow lab) – Lori M. | Auggie (Australian shepherd) – Peggy | Cali (yellow lab) – Lori B. | Ripley (rat terrier) – Kathy
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