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Black = Agility Titles
Red = Conformation Titles
Green = Obedience
Brown = Flyball Titles
Pink = Freestyle Titles
Teal = Nosework Titles
Blue = Rally
Purple = Miscellaneous Titles
Orange = Tricks Titles
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Handler Dog's Name Title Earned Breed
Ariel Duncan Oona & Nicollette DCAT Borzoi
Judy Iannotti Sybille ACT 1 title Malinois
Joanne Newfield Higgins FMCh Border Terrier
Annamarie Pagano Wicked FDCh Mini Aussie
Rhona Magni *  Ember 4th pl, Nationals Border Collie
Vera Rhoads Flint DCAT Greyhound
Ariel Duncan, Valerie Holmes Brooks Junior Courser b
Ariel Duncan, Mary McDonald Clark Junior Courser Borzoi
Ariel Duncan Oona SEA, SWA, SBE Borzoi
Valerie Holmes Paloma SEA, SWA, SBE Borzoi
Penny Page Gabe CRO Level III Adv. Golden Retriever
Ana Cilursu *  Axel CD 2nd pl., 3rd pl. Rottweiler
Vanessa Murray Trooper P-CRO CH Golden Retriever
Annamarie Pagano Wicked FDX Mini Aussie
Tina Dessin Madison FD/FDX/FDCH Border Collie
Joanne Newfield Higgins MBD CH-6B Border Terrier
Vera Rhoads Fling BCAT Greyhound
Ariel Duncan Oona Dock Elite Excellent Borzoi
Joanne Newfield Higgins Versatility Border Terrier
Joanne Newfield Chase BCAT YorkiPoo

Handlers with an * are WonderDogs instructors
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