What is agility? Agility is an exciting sport that can be performed in competition or just for fun. It consists of a variety of obstacles that the dog and handler must navigate in the designated order and the fastest time possible. Agility at its finest requires a great bond between the dog and handler, focus, athleticism, energy and concentration.

Who should come? Agility is for owners who want to compete in agility trials or who just want to have a fun, athletic and instructive experience with their dogs. Dogs must be in good weight, good physical condition and manageable around people and other dogs.

Agility is fun!What will we learn? Agility classes improve focus, attention in the midst of distractions, compliance, working at a distance and, of course, teach dogs how to go over, under, around and through a variety of interesting obstacles. It is an excellent activity for dogs that lack confidence since all training is done with lots of positive reinforcement. Click here to learn more about the sport of agility!

How long does a session last? Agility classes last 8 weeks, one hour per week.

What does it cost? Just for Fun Agility: $175; Beginner / Adv Beginner: $225; Intermediate: $200; Advanced: $200

When do classes start?

JFF Just For Fun Agility Click For Info
Beginner Monday 12:30pm
February 14th
Monday 6:00pm
March 7th
Monday 1:30pm
February 14th
Monday 7:00pm
March 7th
Intermediate / Advanced
Monday 8:00pm
March 7th
Monday 2:30pm
February 14th

For information about the appropriate level for your dog, please contact the WonderDogs office.

If you are not interested in competitive Agility
Click Here
for information about Agility Just For Fun


Please note, there are no make-up classes for these sessions.

For more information or to enroll in a class, call (856) 767-6464.