Our Instructors

Breanna Sweely - Agility

Breanna started off her agility adventures with her now 10 year old Labrador, Tucker. She has handled and worked with a countless number of dog breeds since starting her love for agility. It is this experience that helps her be able to train and teach multiple different breed types and handler experiences.

Her goal when teaching her students is to not only have fun with their dog but be able to have the confidence learning about the sport of agility to grow the bond that they have with their dog. Whether the student wants to just do agility for fun or compete with their dog Breanna is happy to accommodate any aspirations the handler wishes to get out of classes.

Breanna is currently spending her time going to school full time with the hopes of entering veterinary school in the fall of 2022. She is also raising up a border collie puppy named Ryder as her next agility prospect.